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Flying Cow Hotpot Restaurant


By adding pork bone and Japanese kombu into the fresh and pure milk as a soup base, carefully-selected meat and fresh vegetables are added to provide you with a delicious hotpot with great nutritional value.

  • Hotpot
  • Broth
  • À la carte
  • Broth
    1. LOHAS Milk Soup Base
    2. Fresh Kombu Soup Base
    Each hotpot meal is served with fresh vegetables, sliced meat, white rice, dessert, and drinks.
    Main Course
    À la carte
    • Service Hours AM11:00 ~ PM8:00
    • After ordering your meal, please pay the bill at the counter.
    • Do not change seats after being led to a seat to prevent mistaken meal delivery.
    • An extra charge of NT$60 is required for two people who share the same hotpot.
    • Price paid for two people sharing the same hotpot can be exchanged for one à la carte that costs NT$60 | Child under the height of 100cm is not charged for his/her meal |

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