Flying Cow Ranch




General Rules(Precautions)
【Environmental Protection】
1. Since the ranch is a completely natural environment, make sure to have barbecue, cooking or campfire at the designated areas.
2. For the purpose of environmental protection, carbon reduction, power saving and a beautiful starry sky without light pollution, the light shall be cut off in barbecue area and campfire area at 22:00 pm in the evening.
3. Do not climb trees or sculptures. Also, do not litter.
4. Since sparks can cause a fire, do not use gas tanks, firecrackers, fireworks, sky lanterns, and a private power source that put the ranch safety in danger.
5. Since slowness is the pace of life on a ranch, vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, and scooters shall be slowed down to less than 20km/hr. Landscape area is intended for pedestrians to walk on and not opened to all kinds of vehicles (except for official vehicles).
6. Since the ranch is close to Miaoli Sanyi Huoyanshan Nature Reserve and Protective Forest Declared by Official Notice, it is not suitable for night tours. While walking in the park, please protect your personal safety by avoiding attacks from poisonous snakes and wild bees.
7.Vendors, alcoholism, troublemaking, loud noise, and external catering services are prohibited in the park.
8.Photographs, films and art productions made in the ranch must not be used for any commercial purpose without authorization.
9.Taking up a wide area, the park is installed with stairways and pavements based on the natural topography. Since natural engineering methods are applied to present relatively steep slope, it is recommended that you choose to wear comfortable shoes when entering the park.
10. Please do not ski or run on the grass slope. Children shall be accompanied by adults to have their personal safety taken care of.
11. Please do not run or play in the indoor area.
12. The ranch is a private area. If there are serious breaches to pastoral conventions or warning signs, the violator shall be handed over to the police force with legal actions taken accordingly. In the event of a disaster or an accident, the perpetrator shall take full responsibility.
13.During the summer season, visitors are advised to prepare more clothes, sunscreens, and mosquito repellents.
14.During the rainy seasons, make sure to prepare your own umbrella, raincoat, and rain-gear.
15.Cash payment shall be the only way to make purchases in the park.
16.Cleaning fee is required in the parking area. We are not responsible for the safekeeping, loss or damage to any of your personal belongings.
【Animal Protection】
1.Do not abuse animals or feed them with food that is not provided by the ranch
2.In order to protect ranch animals, please leash your pets after entering the park and never let go of the leash.
3.The park offers poop bags. Please clean up after your pet.
4.To be in line with animal epidemic prevention, pets entering the park are required to wear a rabies tag.
5.Pets are not allowed in the accommodation areas, restaurants, shops, DIY classroom and other indoor areas.
6.Flying cow hotpot restaurant offers an outdoor dining area where the pet owners can enjoy their meals.
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