Flying Cow Ranch




By Train
Take the train to Tongxiao Station and then take a bus or a taxi to Flying Cow Ranch. You can arrive at the Flying Cow Ranch by taxi within 15 minutes.
Taxi fare: NT$270~NT$300
Reminder:Before leaving the park, please come to the service center and we will call a taxi for you.
By Bus
After leaving from the train station, please walk to the road intersection of 【Hoping Road】. Take the MIAOLI MOTOR TRANSPORTATION that is destined for 【Fuxing Station or Dakengwei Station】and get off the bus at 【Qixia Station】, Walk for 2 kilometers in the Flying Cow Ranch direction and you’ll arrive at the final destination.
Bus fare: NT$35
Reminder:MIAOLI MOTOR TRANSPORTATION-TONGXIAO STATION operates in accordance with the following time schedule: 06:00, 07:35, 08:40, 10:00, 11:35, 15:00 and 18:00 (7 in total).
By Car
Drive along freeway no.3 and leave at the Tongxiao Interchange at 144-145km. Go in Tongxiao urban direction, connect to Provincial Highway No.1 and make a left turn. After passing Tongxiao Tunnel, turn left again to city highway 121. Go straight for 10 kilometers and you will arrive at Flying Cow Ranch.
By High Speed Rail
After leaving from【Miaoli Station】, please take a taxi for about 40 minutes to arrive at the Flying Cow Ranch.
Taxi fare: NT$700~800.
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