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DIY Activities

DIY Activities

Colorful Cow / Milky Egg Tarts / Milky Egg Tart / Milk Cookies / Bottle with a Letter / Ice-cream Shake / Mama Cow Milking / Baby Calf Feeding / Duckling March
Come and make your reservation at the service counter of happy DIY experience area 10 minutes before each experience activity begins.
The aforementioned activity session will include instructions, DIY, and cleaning.
※To make a reservation as a group, please contact our marketing department at 037-782999 in advance.

  • Bottle with a Letter

    Bottle with a Letter

  • Milk Cookies

    Milk Cookies

  • Milky Egg Tart

    Milky Egg Tart

  • Colorful Cow

    Colorful Cow

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