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Conference Room Rental Service


As an office in the natural setting, the conference room is built from nature logs with a high arch ceiling to reduce the sense of suppression. Accommodating up to 120 people, our conference room also provides free WIFI, cold tea, hot tea, single projector, white board, and stereo system.

  • Meeting
  • Activity
  • Group
  • Since our conference room is built entirely from nature logs, it can only serve the sole purpose of a meeting space instead of other uses.
    Use Period Price
    Morning (08:00~12:00) NT$ 8,000
    Afternoon (13:00~17:00) NT$ 8,000
    Night (18:00~22:00) NT$ 10,000
    Whole Day (08:00~22:00) NT$ 22,000
    • Total price includes the projector, whiteboard, stereo system, cold tea, and hot tea.
    • Since each session lasts for 4 hours, an extra charge of NT$1,000 shall be collected for every 30 minutes past overdue.
    • Activity in the conference room shall be drawn to an end before 22:00 pm in the evening.
    • Our conference room is equipped with a fax machine and a color printer for which the charge shall be collected on a piecework basis.
    • We also provide coffee break at the conference room with NT$150 charged for each person. Please make a reservation in advance if you need it.
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