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Duckling March

Activity Overview
Activity Overview

By reaching both of your hands full of duck’s feeds to our cute ducklings, you will see how happy they are flying to you to get the feed!!

  • Activity Content
    See how our cute ducklings make their way through the pasture of Flying Cow Ranch with their tinkling little bells!
    Make sure to arrive at the Mama Cow’s House 15 minutes before each experiential activity begins (without reservation).
    Performances will be provided based on the park guide’s instructions.
    Due to the animal’s biological clock, please arrive on time according to the public announcement.
  • Schedules
  • Locations
    Mama Cow’s House

More DIY Experience

  • Mama Cow Milking

    Come and have a close encounter with Mama Cow.

  • Baby Calf Feeding

    Since the baby calves are really young, there is only a fixed amount of milk to feed them every day.

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